Douthitt Flexography Exposure Units

FleXposure Series

Douthitt offers the widest selection of all types of exposure units to optimize any flexographic plate application. Douthitt guarantees you better results, faster vacuum, and the most robust design over any other system on the market! Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-313-259-1565 for more details.

Select from the list below

FleXgem - Twin Frame - High Production - High Definition
EXPOD - Combination Expose/Detack/Post Expose
DCOPXF - Single Frame - High Definition
DCOPF - Single Frame - High Definition
Cool Printer - Single Frame
BOSXF - Floor Model Vacuum Frame

DLX - Large Format Floor Model Vacuum Frame
DUOX - Elevating and Revolving Large Format Vacuum Frame

Printing Lamps and Replacement Bulbs
Light Integrators
Replacement Vacuum Blankets for any Frame
Model 26 Silent Air Pump for any Frame

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