Douthitt's Vacuum Frames

Model DL
Price Includes:
  1. Douthitt’s OPTION “X” Vacuum System. OPTION “X” gives you the fastest, most consistent overall contact and the best registration. For Details.
  2. Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump and Motor.
  3. Heavy Duty Universal Blanket.
  4. Counterbalanced sliding weights concealed in side tubes provide lifelong effortless raising of glass frame and effortless tilting of glass and blanket frames.
  5. Spring Loaded Back is furnished on the blanket frame allowing any height register pins on top or thru register boards.
  6. Optic clear A-1 Select Glass.
  7. Ten Foot Service Cord.
  8. All heavy gauge steel welded construction.

Optional Accessories

(A) Any Douthitt or Olix Combination Light Integrator and Digital Timer can be conveniently mounted on fame. MAGIC 83. Olix 975SC. Details. (A vacuum time delay is included with any of above integrators. Prices include PA 86 photocell.)
(B) Designed to be used with Central Vacuum System instead of standard pump and motor N/C.
(C) Douthitt Heavy Duty Model 26 Silent Air Pump instead of standard pump and motor (this pump requires compressed air). for Details.
(D) Built with Glass down and Blanket up.
(E) Reverse DL-Built to tilt toward operator (to save floor space).
(F) Side troughs for Roll materials .
(G) Frame may be ordered without OPTION “X” Prices upon request

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