DCOPXF Flexographic Platemaker


GATF Award-winning Option "X" Vacuum System Guarantees Fastest Contact and Best Registration

High Wattage Point Light With Heavy Duty Diffusion Filter


  1. Douthitt’s OPTION “X” Vacuum system, an electronically controlled inverse air evacuation system that starts the vacuum in the center of the frame and moves it outward to the edges eliminating the trapping of air. OPTION “X” gives you the fastest, most consistent overall contact and the best registration.
  2. Complete Olite AL 53 Tri-Level 5000 Watt Printing Lamp Assembly.
  3. Heavy Duty Motorized Diffusion Filter for controlling exact dot/shoulder specification.
  4. Automated controls simplify the operation for multiple exposure needs. Standard with 31 channels of memory and battery back up.
  5. Printing Lamp can be raised and lowered by means of counterbalanced weight concealed inside unit, guaranteeing optimum coverage.
  6. Spring Loaded Back is furnished on the blanket frame allowing any height register pins or contact boards of any thickness.




Approx. Crated

30 x 35

40 x 47

1350 Lbs.

35 x 40

47 x 55

1450 Lbs.

40 x 45

53 x 60

1550 Lbs.

48 x 55

61 x 70

1750 Lbs.


(A) Douthitt Heavy Duty Model 26 Silent Air Pump instead of standard pump and motor
(this pump requires compressed air).
(B) Olite AL83 8000 Watt Tri-Level
Printing Lamp Assembly with exhaust system
instead of Standard Lamp.
(C) Motorized Dual Rolling Filter Holder with Kokomo
and Clearing Filters.
(D) 5-Drawer Ball Bearing Cabinet mounted inside frame.
(E) Opaque Curtain Assembly - Eliminate Light
Spillage, Fully Fire Retardant and OSHA
approved material.

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