Douthitt OPTION "X" Vacuum Frames


Combo Platemaker & Dylux® Proofer

Price Includes

  1. Douthitt’s OPTION “X” Vacuum system, an electronically controlled inverse air evacuation system that starts the vacuum in the center of the frame and moves it outward to the edges eliminating the trapping of air. OPTION “X” gives you the fastest, most consistent overall contact and the best registration. For more details on OPTION “X” .

  2. Complete Olite AL53 Tri-Level 5000 Watt Printing Lamp Assembly. For more information on the Olite or Violux Printing Lamp Assemblies see Lamps.

  3. Douthitt Heavy Duty Model Magic 83 Combination Light Integrator and Digital Timer with 10 channel memory. Integrator comes complete with vacuum time delay, PA 86 dual UV photocell. For more details see Integrators.

  4. This unit is complete Douthitt Console Platemaker (as illustrated under DCOPX) and a complete Douthitt Console Dylux Proofer (as illustrated under Console).

  5. This unit contains a bank of high output Blacklights recommended by DuPont for fast, clean dry proofs using DuPont Dylux® Material. Eliminates the time and expense of wet proofing systems. Simply load frame, close glass under vacuum and then raise counterbalanced glass and blanket frame. The Light Bank automatically comes forward and turns on the bank of proofing bulbs. (Patented) Simultaneous instant ignition of all lamps made possible by special engineered ballasting system.

  6. Printing lamp can be raised and lowered by means of counterbalanced weight concealed in vertical post.

  7. Easy to see “Read Out” in one inch multiples gives accurate positioning of distance between lamp and frame.

  8. Spring Loaded Back is furnished on the blanket frame allowing any height register pins or contact boards of any thickness.

  9. Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump and Motor.

  10. Heavy Duty Universal Blanket.

  11. Power supply and pump and motor are housed on a shelf inside cabinet.

  12. Optic clear A-1 Select Glass.

  13. All heavy gauge steel welded construction.

  14. Vacuum Gauge, Integrator and necessary operational switches housed on convenient instrument panel.

  15. Floor type adjustable leveling screws.


(A) Douthitt Heavy Duty Model 26 Silent Air Pump instead of standard pump and motor (this pump requires compressed air) see Pumps for details.
(B) Any Douthitt or Olix Combination Light Integrator and Digital Timer can be mounted in lieu of Standard Integrator. Olix 975SC.
(C) Olite AL 83 8000 Watt Tri-Level Printing Lamp Assembly complete with exhaust system instead of standard lamp.
(D) Filters for Olite Lamps Dual Rolling Filter with Kokomo and Clearing Filters.
(E) Violux VT6 6000 Watt Tri-Level Printing Lamp Assembly instead of Standard Lamp.
(F) Violux VT8 8000 Watt Tri-Level Printing Lamp Assembly instead of standard lamp.
(G) Filters for Violux Lamps Double Rail Extended Mounting Brackets with Kokomo and Clearing Filters.
(H) Opaque Curtain Assembly – Eliminate Light Spillage. Fully fire retardant and OSHA approved material: 30 x 40, 40 x 50, 40 x 60 & 48 x 60.
(I) Designed to be used with Central Vacuum System instead of standard pump and motor N/C
(J) Your choice of color (If not specified the unit will be finished in an easy to clean, long wearing gray Epoxy Enamel) N/C
(K) Pivoting Mechanism to allow Lamp to be swung away to allow contacting from above.
(L) Spare Bulb for printing lamp see Lamps.

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