The SSX is a self contained, dual drawer, single sided production exposure unit for image resists for printed circuits and displays, using dry film or liquid photoimageables. The SSX includes dual additive, air cooled, ozone free quartz lamps which concentrate all of the effective energy into the precise spectral range required for sharp high resolution imaging.



Dimensions: 53”W x 60”H x 68”D. (135cm x 153cm x 173cm).

Cabinet: Welded heavy gauge steel construction. Two full length hinge doors for easy access.

Lamps: Metal halide. Air cooled ozone-free quartz.

Uniformity: +/- 10% C.A.D. reflectors.

Cooling: 8000 BTU/hr. air conditioning system is integrated into the cabinet, with condenser mounted in back. Turbo fans direct cool air onto drawers and lamps during exposure and loading. Available with a heat exchanger in lieu of air conditioner.

Contact System: Exclusive vacuum system that offers the fastest contact. No manual latching, simply close the frame.

Electrical: 5kW — 208-240 volt, 50/60 hz, single phase, 40 amps. Single phase, 35 amps. 8kW — 208-240 volt, 50/60 hz, 55 amps, single phase.

Controls: State of the art Electronic light integrator with LED display and precision accuracy. All controls are conveniently located for easy use.

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