Heavy Duty Plate Developing Sink


  1. Spray pipe for even water distribution across tray.

  2. Full length type 316 stainless steel tray with turned up edges to hold water for soaking (when tray is in horizontal position).

  3. Exclusive balanced fulcrum gear mechanism allows easy movement of lever to drop one edge of tray and dump water quickly.

  4. Sturdy reinforced all heavy metal welded construction.

  5. FLAKELINE® coated interior for protection from chemicals. Exterior of unit finished with 3 coats of rust resistant, easy to clean Epoxy Enamel.

  6. Floor type adjustable leveling screws.

  7. Unit has removable legs for easy access.

Special Sizes – Available on Request
Tray – Type 316 stainless steel
Sink – 14 gauge steel – depth 11½ inches
Spray – pipe – Aluminum
Plumbing Specifications: 1½ inch center pitched drain in sink – ½ inch water connection on spray pipe.

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