Douthitt Direct Method Vacuum Frames


Loads Glass down-blanket up. 360º Rotor Plate allows operator to print from overhead or either vertical position (1) away from operator (2) toward operator.

Price Include:
  1. Special DOUTHITT “DEEP DRAW” BLACK Blanket. Under vacuum, blanket swiftly molds itself to shape of silk screen frame and holds your positive in perfect contact.
  2. Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump and Motor.
  3. Vacuum Relief Bleeder Valve and vacuum gauge.
  4. Optic clear A-1 Select Glass.
  5. Special Rotor Locking Mechanism permits easy-sure stops for horizontal and vertical positions.
  6. Positive locking device for perfect vacuum.
  7. On sizes 37 x 47, 42 x 52 and 43 x 63 Rotating and locking is actuated by convenient Foot Treadle.

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