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Bench frame

Bench Frame
OPTION “X” is a controlled inverse air evacuation system which starts the evacuation of air in the center of the frame and then moves outward to the edges eliminating the trapping of air. It is over twice as fast as a conventional frame and quickly pays for itself in time saved and avoidance of remakes. Because of its absolute, consistent, repeatable electronically controlled air evacuation pattern, it will maintain better register than any other frame and will reduce your makeovers and scrap rate.

  1. Douthitt’s OPTION “X” Vacuum System. OPTION “X” gives you the fastest, most consistent overall contact and the best registration. For Details.
  2. Finger-Tip Counterbalanced control of this unit is achieved by the Douthitt “Exclusive, Patented, Spring and Fulcrum System”.
  3. Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump and Motor.
  4. Heavy Duty SMOOTH Universal Blanket.
  5. No External Locking Device.
  6. Optic clear A-1 Select Glass.
  7. Ten Foot Service Cord.
  8. All heavy gauge steel welded construction.
  9. Vacuum Gauge and On-Off Toggle Switch.
  10. Unit finished in easy to clean, long wearing Epoxy Enamel.
  11. Spring Loaded Back is furnished on the blanket frame allowing any height register pins or contact boards of any thickness.

Larger Frames available – Prices on request.
Electrical Specifications – 115 Volt, 60 Cycle, Single Phase, A.C.
Special Electrical requirements available on request.

(A) Douthitt Heavy Duty Model 26 Silent Air Pump instead of standard pump and motor (this pump requires compressed air) for details.
(B) Any Douthitt or Olix Combination Light Integrator and Digital Timer can be mounted in front instrument panel. MAGIC 83 with PA 86 photocell, Olix 975SC with PA 86 photocell Details. (Vacuum time delay is included with any of above integrators)
(C) Designed to be used with Central Vacuum System instead of standard pump and motor.
(D) Frame may be ordered without OPTION “X” Prices upon request.
(E) Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Stand, which can be disassembled for easy access. 26 x 30 thru 33 x 43, 37 x 48 and 40 x 50, 40 x 60 and 48 x 60.
(F) 5-Drawer Ball Bearing Cabinet mounted inside above stand. 30 x 40 and 33 x 43 (Drawer I.D. 25 x 37), 37 x 48 and 40 x 50 (Drawer I.D. 32 x 43), 40 x 60 and 48 x 60 (Drawer I.D. 38 x 50), (This option can only be ordered if you are ordering Option E.)

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