Heavy Duty Adjustable Layout Table



  1. Labor saving, easily adjustable two inch wide straight edges.
  2. Engineered depth designed for a cool working surface and prevention of glare.
  3. Fluorescent Light – Two ranges of intensity – Uniform, even, non-glare, soft or bright illumination – Your choice with a flip of the switch.
  4. Light Switch receptacle has female plug for accessories.
  5. Top glass is polished plate easily replaced by your local glass dealer.
  6. Opalescent Plexiglas under top glass insures uniform illumination.
  7. Your choice of color (if not specified, table will be finished in an easy to clean gray
    Epoxy Enamel).
  8. All heavy gauge welded steel construction. Strongest table available.
  9. Adjustable floor type leveling screws.
  10. Ten Foot Service Cord.
  11. Lamp replacement made easy by big access door.
  12. Easily adjustable tilting top.

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